Services - Phone and Networking

IP Office Support

We support all Avaya IP Office systems both New and Legacy systems

Supported IP 400 Models:  

Avaya IP400 systems:  Avaya IP403, Avaya IP406 V1, Avaya IP406 V2 and Avaya IP412

Supported IP500 Models:

Avaya IP500 V1, IP500 V2 and IP500 V2 4X6X2

IP Office Trouble Shooting and Repair

We keep parts on hand for all major components of all Avaya IP Office systems to asure 100% uptime to your business.  

Project Management / Planning and Upgrades

Weather you are need to move a D-mark, expand your existing phone system or planning to upgrade your phone system to a more robust system.  We will aid and assist every step of the way so you can concentrate on your core business.  Leave the phones and everything in between them to us. 

Legacy System Phone support

Happy with your small business phone system that needs fixing every once in a while?  Dont worry we are not in the business to always upsell.  We can repair your old phone systems until you are ready to make that change.  

Supported Analog, Digital, and IP  Legacy Systems:

AT&T, Lucent, AVAYA, Merlin, Merlin Legend, Partner, Magix, System 25, System 75, System 85, G3R, Definity, Communications Manager, Intuity, IP Office

Telephone System Rentals

Need a temporary telephone system for emergency relocation? We can help.  We also provide telephone system rentals for the Motion Picture Industry.

Datacenter Relocation Services

Moving or rearranging your data, we can help with planning, coordination and implementing.